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Kingston, ON

Nest Protection | Turtle Trauma & Egg Recovery | Education | Advocacy

Nest Protection Program 

Link: https://www.turtleskingston.com/nest-protection-program

  • Sale of nest protectors built by volunteers, following design based off the CFW design: https://www.turtleskingston.com/build-nest-protector
  • Agreement with City of Kingston for protection of nests on their properties following specific procedure (outlined on their website).
  • Goal is to provide the public with materials and information to help them protect turtle nests.


Turtle Trauma Program

Link: https://www.turtleskingston.com/turtle-trauma-response-program

  • Helping injured turtles get treatment and extracting eggs when necessary.¬†
  • Participating vets act as a temporary holding station for injured turtles brought in by the public.
  • Volunteer drivers transport turtles to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre and/or the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC) where the turtle can receive treatment.
  • Goal is to help more turtles within the Kingston area get appropriate help when they are injured.


Education Program


Advocacy Program

  • Participation in community groups of concerned citizens related to turtles.
  • Presence at relevant City Council meetings.
  • Awareness of activities within the city and appropriate action to minimize or reduce turtle impact.
  • Raising awareness of locations and needs for mitigation efforts.
  • Collaborating with partners and articulating concerns.
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Kingston, ON
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