Think Turtle Conservation Initiative

Bancroft, ON and neighbouring communities

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Think Turtle Conservation Initiative (TTCI) engages in education initiatives and species recovery efforts in Bancroft and neighboring communities. TTCI routinely fields phone calls, texts and online inquiries from across Ontario and is happy to offer guidance to anyone in Ontario that gets in touch with turtle related questions or concerns.


Education Initiatives

  • Turtle talks, public events, literature distribution, information sharing online and through community resources.
  • Collecting sightings data to identify road mortality hot spots and locations interim and permanent mitigation measures would effectively reduce turtle mortality. 
  • Fielding phone, text and online turtle related inquiries from anywhere in Ontario to offer guidance and troubleshoot turtle and habitat concerns.
  • Scheduled site visits and consultation to promote best practice stewardship.
  • Supplier of Watch 4 Turtles awareness signs and car magnets. 
  • Shoreline and terrestrial habitat clean-up.
  • Scheduled site visits and consultation for habitat enhancement (e.g. artificial turtle nesting habitat or basking sites). 


Species Recovery Efforts

  • Patrolling turtle road crossing hot spots and assisted turtle road crossings.
  • Patrolling nesting sites and installing turtle nest protectors.
  • Supplier of turtle nest protectors.
  • Monitoring protected turtle nests.
  • Hatchling releases.
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Email: thinkturtle@yahoo.com
Phone: 647-606-9537
L'Amable, ON
Region: east
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