Canadian Herpetological Society


Research | Education | Promoting and Disseminating Scientific Research | Facilitating Collaboration | Supporting and Leading Conservation Projects

The Canadian Herpetological Society is a registered Canadian charity that advances reptile and amphibian research and conservation in Canada by:

  • Promoting scientific research on reptiles and amphibians and disseminating the results
  • Facilitating collaboration among amateur and professional herpetologists
  • Advancing public understanding of our native reptile and amphibian species, the threats they face and the conservation solutions that exist¬†
  • Promoting, supporting, and leading conservation and stewardship projects


CHS is made up of researchers, conservation practitioners, naturalists, educators, and other individuals with an interest in Canada’s reptiles and amphibians.


The Society holds an annual general meeting and conference where members can present their work, learn what others are doing, and identify opportunities for partnerships and collaborations. The Canadian Herpetologist is an annual publication of the CHS that is available to all members. Back issues are posted on the website and are available to non-members.

Organization Type
Registered Charity - #880781562RR0001
Email: info@canadianherpetology.ca
Region: east